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Skype: sutian-pressurewasher

Hot Water Pressure Washer Systems

Author : Date : 4/14/2013 6:53:08 PM
 Are you surrounded with dirt and tough stains that you cannot get rid of? Do you need a good pressure washing system that cleans evenly and effectively? Fortunately, we know how to deal with that nuisance. Welcome to Su Tian  Washer, where we stock power pressure washing system solutions for cleaning contractors, commercial and industrial applications.
Make your area safer and cleaner by protecting the equipment, surfaces, your customers and employees. Our durable rugged and dependable hot pressure washer machines are designed for long life and ease of serviceability. We supply a complete line of electric, diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and liquid propane hot water pressure washers for construction, agriculture, farms, maintenance areas, factory plants and heavy-duty jobs that require hot water and high pressure. Our machines range from 1000 PSI to 5000 PSI for pressure and 2 GPM to 10.8 GPM for water volume output. Chose from portable, cart mounted, skid, and master frame designs. Electric powered models are available in 120V, 208V, 230V and 460 volts.

Benefits of Using Hot Water Units

Hot water pressure washers are best at jobs where significant amounts of oil or grease are present or if some heat reactive substance is being cleaned. Typically, hot water units perform better than the cold water ones. The main reason is that they have a capability of heating up the water of up to 200º F. In power washing process the heat is the most essential element of cleaning. Heat and high water temperature combined create an abrasive action, which in combination with pressure washer chemicals emulsify the dirt, grime and tough stains while the water pressure loosens them and the water flow carries them away. Always read the operation manual  before using a hot water unit.