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Skype: sutian-pressurewasher

Products > Hot Water Pressure Washer > Gasoline Engine > Heavey load gasoline Petrol driven hot water High Pressure Washer jetting Machine
Product name : Heavey load gasoline Petrol driven hot water High Pressure Washer jetting Machine
Item : ZLCH2015E
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Performance Characteristics:      
* It is specially designed for the field cleaning preparation which is inconvenience of power supplying   
     It is good-looking appearance and movability.    
* High efficiency diesel burner, quick and constant hot water supply . Auto control heating system  
* Safe protection such as : lower diesel, lack of water, auto controlling water temperature    
* The internal combustion engineis configured of electric starting, maintenance-free battery    
Scope of Applications    
*it is suitable for the field cleaning operation which is inconvenience of power supplying; Deicing,   
   snow removal operation in winter season    
*Decontamination of grease in petroleum, petrochemical , construction machinery and other industries  
*Decontamination of grease in military aircrafts, tanks, naval ships and other ordnance.    
Type Gasoline driven  Hot water  High Pressure Washer     
Max. Pressure 2900PSI/200BAR    
Water Flow 15L/Min    
Engine brand LIFAN 190    
Power 13HP    
Fuel oil heating Diesel    
Engine Speed 3600RPM    
Weight 280kg    
Dimention 1180*950*1220mm    

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