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Skype: sutian-pressurewasher

Product name : Roll over car washer
Item : ST350
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ST350 series roll-over car wash adopts advanced Japanese technology and design. You can choose a wash height upto 2.2 meter. A set of horizontal brush wash the top, front and rear of the vehicles. Two sets of side brush wash around the vehicles, and two sets of wheel brush wash the wheel. The water rinse and agent wash is optional. The top brush and side brush wash profile by electrical detection, and the wash process is fully automatic. There are blowers on this machine and it can do the powerful air-dry after wash.


●The generation car type detection technology

●Special alloy frame

●Waterproof motor

●Profiling powerful air-dry system

●Side brush joint technology

●Internally installed

●Professional wash for cars ,jeeps and all kinds of minibus

●Imported Japanese MK company of microcomputer system

●efficient human-computer interface


Main configuration

●One set of frame

●One set of electronic control system

●One set of operation panel

●Two groups of move system

●One set of waterway system

●One set of gas circuit system

●Two sets of agent system

●One set of horizontal parts

●Two sets of side brush parts

●Two sets of wheel brush parts

●One set of blowers system

●Two sets of hi-pressure water system


Main configuration of control system


●Japanese MK company of CPU control system

●Japanese MK company of infrared photoelectric sensor system

●Japanese TUSBAKI move system

●Japanese Omron of 15 pairs detecting element

●Japanese SKK of 5 piece waterproof motor

●Japanese Three Peace of agent dosing pump

●ABB blower motor


Technical pamameters

Installation range


Moving range


Power requirement

3PH AC380V50Hz 15KVA

Water source requirement

Pipe diameter DN25 rate of flow≥80L/min

Air supply requirement

Pressure0.750.9Mpa/rate of flow≥0.1m3/min

Ground evenness


Wash Size


Power consumption

One roll overelectricity0.13kw/h two roll overelectricity0.2kw/h

Water consumption

One roll overwater72L Two roll overWater128 L

Wash time

One roll over3 Minute 40secondstwo roll over5Minute 25 seconds

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